Broadway Station

Broadway Station was opened on 1st August 1904. It was built 4 miles 73 chains from the Honeybourne East Loop and unlike other stations on the line was split by the main Broadway to Evesham Road. The sidings and goods yard facilities were laid out on the South side of the road and the main Station lay to its immediate North. The onward journey to Toddington is a further 5 miles.

The main station building was situated on the down side of the track and was a standard GWR design similar to the Stations at Toddington, Winchcombe and Bishops Cleeve. The up platform had a small waiting room. A canopied bridge connected the two platforms, each platform being 400ft in length. Initially the passenger services were locomotive hauled until the introduction of steam railmotors in October 1904. These services arrive at, and departed from the down platform. When the up service departed it crossed over to the up line upon leaving the station. Initially a small wooden signal box with13 levers was constructed at the end of the up platform. This was replaced by a 37 lever wooden signal box on the down side, just to the south of the road bridge.

Two sets of semi detached houses were provided for the workforce, plus the Station Masters house, all being situated at the top of the Station driveway.

The Station flourished during the early part of the 20th century with staffing levels (10) constant until the mid 50’s. However by 1959 the staff had been reduced to 6. The signal box was closed in October 1960. The station was closed to passengers on the 7th March 1960. The goods yard continued to be used until 1st June 1964 and by September 1964 all Broadway operations ceased.

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