The Station Building takes on a third dimension!

Here the Ring beams being bolted to the stanchions, curtesy of an 85 tonne crane and a team of volunteers.

Work starts on the Station Building!

It was a great day on the 19th August 2015 when the first block was laid on the internal walls of the Station Building. An indication of real progress and a great psychological boost for all of the hard working Broadway Volunteers. This is great news for the Railway, and all Broadway Project supporters. Here 4 months later, the stanchions and ring beams are in place, giving the station its third dimension. Temporary tie bars hold the frame in position until the roof beams are in place.

If you would like to support the final construction by making a donation towards materials, please take advantage of the BT MyDonate feature below. Also come along and see the progress in action - there is an extended viewing platform and an opportunity to make a donation for railway books and memorabilia from a store of items gifted to us by friends and members of the public.

Signal Box Construction nearing Completion!

All of the required major construction work is now complete - only the steps and the adjacent platform work is outstanding.

An artist impression of the new Broadway Station Building . This wonderful painting was created by well known railway Artist Fred Lea. The impression was formed by studying the new drawings of the Station Building and overlaying the design on photographs of the existing site. The end result is quite brilliant.

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  • This website is being maintained as a modest, independent supplement to the GWSR Website , concentrating on the activities of the GWSR in its pursuit of extending its northern route, and culminating in the re opening of Broadway Station.

    The Broadway Area Group(BAG), with the support of the GWR Board, has set themselves the target of having Broadway Station rebuilt and operational as quickly as funds will allow with a target of 2018. There is much still to be done and funds are limited. What there is in abundance is enthusiasm and commitment from the BAG Volunteers. Their single minded determination will see their dream a reality.

    If you would like to help with achieving our goal you can join the Broadway Area Group as a volunteer, or become a Friend of Broadway Station. Follow the links above and find out more. Alternatively donations to the Broadway Area Group can be made directly to the BAG Chairman through the Contact link above or by the safe on line donation button below.

    If you would like to make a Donation towards the Broadway Station Appeal Fund, please use the safe link below. We can't do it without You!


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