The Jo Roesen Scrapbook


1965 - Just passing through

1. 70045 Lord Rowallan thunders through Broadway on 3.07.1965 with an up express. This is the one of the few pictures we have seen so far with a Britannia heading a train. To the right of the loco is the place where the platform 2 waiting room stood 2 years earlier, but now there is just a mound of grass. Lord Rowallan finished her career at 12A Carlisle Kingmoor at the end of 1967, and was cut up by Wards in February 1968. Only two of the 55 Britannias built survive today.

2. 5961 Toynbee Hall with a down goods on 5.08.1965. The fireman has just put on a couple of shovels of coal, and is now taking it easy with his arm out of the window as the loco passes through the centre of the former station. The loco is very dirty, and no numbers or emblems are visible. Brian Parsons was very conscientious however, and always managed to get hold of the number, name and date. GWR 5961 Toynbee Hall survived only another three weeks after he took this picture-she was withdrawn on 30.08.1965, last shedded at 86A Newport Ebbw Junction.

3. Another filthy locomotive passes through Broadway at speed-70053 Moray Firth on a down express on 31.07.1965. There is no smokebox number plate, name plate, or insignia on the tender visible. She has steam on, and is hurrying with her train down to Cheltenham, non stop, through the northern half of the former station. Moray Firth, a standard class and relatively new, lasted another three years until withdrawn from 68A Carlisle Kingmoor on 15.04.1967. Nothing in the smooth mounds of grass now allows you to suspect a station ever stood here.

BR 92214 on an up goods train at full lick passes north through Broadway in the summer of 1965. Steam is leaking from the cylinders and the RH injector, but no matter, as she was to be withdawn in September only a month or so away. The two LH lamps suggest a light engine(s) or engine and brake van, but this is clearly not the case. BR 92214 was a 9F standard heavy freight locomotive, one of 251 built. She has been preserved and currently resides on the NYMR in working order, one of 9 that remain.

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