The Jo Roesen Scrapbook


1966 -1976

1. D1500 class diesel on a down express in the summer of 1966. This is one of several class 47 hauled passenger expresses through Broadway that we have seen. The class 47 diesel electric was a very prolific class, with 512 examples built, and with many still in service today. The view is north, overlooking the end of the former platform 2. By 1966 the grass was starting to look longer, with the first signs of the scub and trees that are so evident today. The pole route has also been cut down (traces of this can still be seen today)

2. A 15.45 Leamington to Gloucester DMU approaching Springfield Lane bridge in the summer of 1966. We have included this picture of a through DMU service with a 'Bubble Car' because it is one of the few existing in colour. The view is north, and we can just make out the spire of Saintbury church on the slopes of the Cotswolds hills in the distance. This site is now completely overgrown with trees, but may possibly see GWSR trains again one day, if the line is extended to Honeybourne.

3. Broadway station, seen from the cab of D1749 on 23.05.1968. Brian Parsons was second man on the loco that day,(the term 'fireman' was dropped once all steam was gone. However, all loco hauled trains were still double manned at that time) and Brian took a number of photographs as he went down the line. This one shows the Broadway goods shed looking south, with the Evesham Road bridge in the foreground. The signal box that used to stand behind the wall on the left has gone, but the LH track is newly ballasted. The capstones on the road bridge are missing, but the guard rails are still brightly painted in light grey. Brian's notes for the day show that they had left Worcester with D1749, and had been to Ashchurch, back to Worcester, Long Marston, then finally to Toddington where they picked up 18 wagons for Worcester.

4. Broadway goods yard from the rear cab of D1749, now looking north. The goods yard has already ceased working, and sheds have been built on the loading dock (since removed again). The rails were lifted in 1979, after the line closed in 1976.

5. A last look at D1749, now in the yard at Toddington, accompanied by a brake van. This loco was later renumbered as class 47 156 and withdrawn in 1996.

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