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The following images may be reorganised in the future in a more logical way, but for now:-

1.Broadway Station - source: Archive Images (we have permission to use). Looking north - note the early platforms, with wooden extensions, cattle dock in use. Station staff on the left, some passengers on the right. This is quite an early picture. The Gent's modesty screen on the right is still there. This was later replaced by a concrete shed. There are 4 platform lamps, one each side of each building, plus two suspended under the awning. There are no smoke trails under the footbridge, which suggests few trains so far.

2. A picture by kind permission of Ben Brooksbank. Ben's picture was taken after closure to passengers in 1960, and before demolition in 1963.

3. A picture with the auto train - author unknown. A train arrives from the south, passing the goods yard which is in full use, with wagons parked and a large pile of coal. Evesham Road, signal box and weighbridge house on the right.

4. Broadway Goods yard under construction. This yard is on made up ground, with infill brought from Didbrook by train. One one occasion, 10 wagons broke loose and ran down the slope, part demolishing the weighbridge office. The station is already complete, with footbridge, in the background. The contractor's temporary line with FB rail bolted straight on to the sleepers is in the foreground on the right. The other tracks are GWR. The stationmaster's house and workers cottages are not yet in place. A man is working on the goods shed roof, and a strange horse drawn wagon with flywheel is parked in front. There are no houses yet along the Evesham road. The date of this picture is about August 1904, when the line was opened to Broadway. Picture from the collection of the Caravan Club, by kind permission.

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