Broadway Signal Box

When Broadway Station was initially opened a small wooden signal box with 13 levers was constructed at the end of the up platform. This was replaced by a 37 lever wooden signal box on the down side, just to the south of the road bridge.

It was intended that the signal box be rebuilt in its original location. The original design was of wood on very deep concrete foundations, due to the nature of the made up ground. .

Work proceeded to develop a Signal Box design which is fit for purpose at Broadway. A review of function and features has concluded a Great Western style Signal Box would be built on the up Platform(2) near the southern end. It will contain the 46 lever frame from Aller Junction. The design has been taken from the platform signal box at Shirley(see left).

The construction of the Signal Box is now virtually complete and it bears a close resemblance to the Shirley Box. It requires the surrounding platform to be completed, steps constructed and the box fitted out.


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