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The following tickets were kindly sent to us by Robert and Jennifer Rose of Ontario, Canada. If you have any Honeybourne Line tickets that you would like to donate to us, please get in touch!

859: 6027 - A 2nd cheap day special Gloucester Central - Cheltenham Spa Malvern Road, issued on 14th March 1959.

860: This is the back of ticket 5000, marked 'British Railways'

861: 6187 - The back of a companion to 6027, marked 'British Transport Commission', hence printed between 1949-1962.

862: 1625 - The return half of a BROADWAY to Stratford upon Avon cheap day return, issued on 3rd September 1959.

863: 0869 - The outward half of a Broadway (Worcs) to Cheltenham Spa (St. James) cheap day return. Interestingly, it is marked 'via Winchcombe' - as opposed to via Kingham. Cheap day returns usually had the route marked when there was an alternative - preventing people using it for a round trip. Issued 25th July 1959.

864: 1624 - The back of a companion ticket to 1625

865: 1530 A cheap day return Stratford upon Avon - BROADWAY, issued on 1st May 1959. Diagonally cut in half for use as a Child ticket. (Used when no ticket was available OR when out of stock of the particular Child ticket). Interesting is that this ticket is numbered 1530 on 1.05.1958, and an identical ticket issued on 3 Sept 1959 has number 1625. That's 95 tickets sold in 16 months, or 6 a month. Evidence of a very modest level of business. Not many people wanted to go to Stratford, from Broadway. (Perhaps a Midland Red bus was running at that date?)

866: 5000 - A child cheap day return Cheltenham Spa (Malvern Road) - Gloucester Central, issued on 18th May 1957. 3rd Class was formally abolished on 3rd June 1956, but second class had been abolished for many years before, apart from its use on BR(S) Boat Trains. The result was that old ticket stock was used for many years to save the cost the cost of reprinting tickets.

With thanks to Bill Hillier.


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